How To Build The Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Your Business

How To Build The Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Your Business

First Find What Your Goals Are?

Do you want to :
Generate more leads?
Drive traffic to the website?
Increase content shares?
Establish your business as an expert in the field?

How Can LinkedIn Help You To Achieve Your Business Goals?
Some benefits that LinkedIn is known for are:

  • Lead generation: LinkedIn visitors convert 277% more often to leads than visitors on other social media sites.
  • Recruitment: social professional networks are the number one source of quality hires.
  • Brand Awareness: LinkedIn is built on the basis of creating a network of connections, which can help kickstart your brand awareness by connecting with your potential audience members.
  • Establishing Authority: LinkedIn allows you to share information which if done in the right way can help establish the authority your business has.

Tactics and ideas on how to create a LinkedIn strategy

  1. Create a company (page) profile
    1. Small business (under 200 employees)
    2. Medium to large business (over 200 employees)
    3. Showcase page
    4. Educational institution (high school or university/college)
    5. LinkedIn logo size: 300 x 300 pixels
    6. LinkedIn business cover photo: 1536 x 768 pixels
  2. Post relevant and engaging content
    1. Your principal objective is to increase the engagement of your page, so make sure your posts contain helpful tips, tricks, and information related to your industry.
    2. Avoid writing promotional presentations and focus more on content that provides in-depth information for your followers
  3. Make your company’s name known
    1. Invite your connections to follow your page.
    2. Promote your LinkedIn company page on other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
    3. Mention your LinkedIn page in your emails.
  4. Add LinkedIn groups to your page
    Use your LinkedIn profile, and be part of an existing group, or start your group. Being the moderator and admin of a group, you gain control and awareness in the industry. To create Linkedin Groups follow this procedure

    1. Click the “Work icon” from the top right corner of your homepage.
    2. From Visit more LinkedIn products select “Groups”
    3. Click “Create a new group” from the top right corner
    4. Fill in the required information: group name, about this group, group rules, privacy
    5. Click the “Create button” and you’re done
      Now that you’ve created a group with you’re LinkedIn profile, you have the option to feature that group on your LinkedIn page. All you have to do is:

      1. Go to your LinkedIn page and on the left side bar you’ll see the “Featured groups tab”
      2. Click “Add a LinkedIn group”
      3. Select the group you want to showcase on your page (you can add up to 10 groups)
      4. Click “Save”
  5. Make your employees part of your business strategy
    You should know that your brand’s best ambassadors are your employees. You can boost your presence by asking them to share articles from the company’s blog, new features, events, – mentioning the company name in the post.
  6. Tag people in your posts
    The people you’ve tagged will be notified, along with their connections, and people who follow them, so your content will be seen by more people.
  7. Upload native videos, images
    LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members, according to LinkedIn stats.
  8. Use hashtags
    Hashtags help users find content on a particular topic. When you add hashtags to your posts, those posts will get a higher chance of being discovered by LinkedIn members who follow or search for the hashtag you’ve used.
    If you are using hashtags when posting something on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you should use them with your LinkedIn posts as well.
    When you upload something (photo or video), LinkedIn will suggest you some hashtags according to the topic you’re sharing.
  9. Measure your LinkedIn performance
    Keeping an eye on your LinkedIn analytics dashboard can help you make informed decisions that lead to better results.
    Try to track some LinkedIn KPIs – followers demographic, number of followers, impressions and reach, engagement rate, profile views by job title, etc. It will help you increase your reach in your industry
    Use these tools for Linkedin analytics
  10. Best Tips to increase the engagement of your LinkedIn page
    1. Make sure that your employees add the company page to their profiles to reach a wider audience of LinkedIn users.
    2. Promote your LinkedIn page in newsletters and blogs.
    3. Post during business hours.
    4. Publish articles directly to the platform.
    5. Upload videos.
    6. Post in LinkedIn groups.


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