How to Start Building Career in Freelance Digital Marketing

How to Start Building Career In Freelance Digital Marketing? And Where?

A Freelancer Is A Term Generally Used For A Person Who Is The Self-Employed Person Who Offers Services To Multiple Businesses. The Type Of Work Freelancers Varies From Person To Person Specialization Such As Social Media Marketing, Content Writer, Copywriter, Graphic Designer And More.

Benefits Of A Freelancer:

  • You Don’t Need To Work On Fixed Hours, 9 Am To 5 Pm; You Can Set Your Own Hours.
  • You Become An Independent Marketer And Can Set Your Own Price.
  • You Can Work For Multiple Clients At The Same Time.
  • You Can Be Creative Enough And Can Have A Great Exposure.
  • You Can Pick Your Own Choice Of Brands Or Clients.

Build Your Portfolio : Your Portfolio As A ‘Digital Marketer’ Need Not Be As Fancy Looking As A Designer’s Would, But Keep It Simple, Presentable, And Ensure The Key Points Of The Work You Have Done So Far Are Included. In Your Digital Marketing Portfolio, You Should Remember To Include Any And Every Notable Achievement With Respect To The Clients You Have Handled. This Gives Potential Clients An Idea Of Your Past Work And The Results You Can Drive In Terms Of Various Aspects Of The Client’s Business.

Create A Website And Basic Personal Brand : Stop Being Afraid Of Self-Promotion And Create Your Website First. You Can Easily Make One On WordPress.  All You Have To Include Is A Homepage, An About Me Page, A Contact Page, And A Page That Lists Your Services. Keep Is Simple, Clean, And Professional-Looking.

Regarding Rates : Set Them. Look At What Others Are Charging In Your Field, What You Need To Cover Your Bills, And What Will Help You Reach Your Goals. That’s What You Charge.

New Connections : First Reconnect With Old Contacts, Friends, Relatives, Client.  The First And Foremost Thing You Should Do Once You Decide On Becoming A Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Is To Start Reconnecting With Old Contacts, Simultaneously Building And Networking With New People. The Purpose Behind Reconnecting With Them Is Just Telling Them Who You Are And What You Are Going To Do For Their Business. This Gives A Tremendous Boost To Your Personal Brand.

Create A Lead Capture Automation System : Hop Onto Mailchimp.Com And Create A Free Account – Mailchimp Is A Super Simple Email Automation Platform That Allows You To Create Really Beautiful Automated Emails To Your Audience.

Then, I Recommend Sending Our Two Emails A Week To Your Email List Sharing Your Best Stuff – Tips, Insights, Experiences, Whatever You Think Will Be Most Valuable To Them. This Will Keep You Relevant And At The Top Of Their List When They’re Finally Ready To Work With You, Or When You’re Finally Ready To Work With Them.

Get Active On Social Media : Well, If You’re Looking For Freelance Digital Marketing Opportunities, It Is Important For You To Actively Network On Social Media.  It Is Important For You To Be Active On Various Groups Across Social Media Platforms. This Helps You Remain Alert With Respect To Freelance Jobs In Digital Marketing

Start Blogging : Create Content Around Topics You Are Already Familiar, Is Currently Relevant, And You Know Will Drag Your Target Audience Toward Your Blog. Optimize The Post For Search Engines And Use Content Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Content And Blog. When You Build Authority In The Digital Marketing Domain, Through The Content You Produce, People Are Willing To Lend An Ear And Listen To What You Have To Say.

Attend Events And Conferences : Nothing Like Networking At Events Of The Digital Marketing Industry. Get A Basic Business Card In Place Stating Your Role As A Freelance Digital Marketer And Share Them With The People You Meet At Various Events You Plan To Attend. It Helps To Have A List Of Events Happening In The City You Live In Or The Cities That Would Be Economically Viable To Travel To. This Helps You Plan Your Networking Activities Based On The Event Agenda As Well As The People Who Would Be Most Likely To Attend Such Events. Once You Meet A Person At An Event, Remember To Drop Them A Mail A Couple Of Days Later. This Can Just Be To Refresh The Person’s Memory About Having Met You At XYZ Event.

Facebook Groups, Your Good Pals : The Easiest Route To Pitching To Prospects Is Scouting Various Facebook Groups. These Can Be Groups Which Are Specific To Digital Marketing Or General Business Related Groups. These Are Groups With Members From Probably All Possible Industries. With Technology Being Able To Adapt To The Geographic And Technological Needs Of People Across The Globe, You Do Not Necessarily Need To Be In A Specific Geography To Work On Projects From There. This Makes It Easier For You To Pitch For Projects From Any Part Of The World.

Cold Tweets : You Turn To Twitter Next. On Twitter, You Can Use Hashtags Such As #Freelance, #Digitalmarketingjobs, #Freelancedigitalmarketing, And So On. When You Search Using These Hashtags, All Or At Least Most Of The Tweets Carrying These Hashtags Or Variations Of These Will Show Up As Search Results. From Here, You Can Choose Which Tweets To Reply To. You Can Either DM Them Or Reply To The Tweet Directly.

Drive On Linkedin : Start Linkedin To Improve Your Connection. Connect All  The People Related To Digital Marketing, Follow Them, Make Like Comment For Their Post. Join Professional Groups. Write Article About Your Business. Create a Company Page. Create Your Own Linkedin Group Also.

There Are Many Freelancing Jobs Providers On The Internet That Can Help You Get Your First Assignments Very Quickly. Like

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Elance
  • Craigslist
  • Peopleperhour

Applying Digital Marketing On A Small Scale For Your Own Website

  1. Choose A Topic You Are Interested About And Start A Blog About It.
  2. Write Article On Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Stats In Your Blog.
  3. Install Google Analytics Tracking Code And See If You Are Getting Some Traffic To Your Blog. Explore Google Analytics.
  4. Open An Adwords Account And Do Some Keyword Research To See What People Are Searching For In Google To Find Information On The Topic You Are Blogging About
  5. Open A Facebook Page Dedicated To Your Blog (Apart From Your Personal Page) And Share The Articles On Your Facebook Page.
  6. Promote Your Page With Facebook Advertising.
  7. Embed Social Sharing Buttons In Your Blog Articles. You Can Do This Using WordPress Plugins And Its Free.
  8. Sign Up For An Email Marketing Service Such As Mailchimp, Aweber.
  9. Embed Email Signup Forms In Your Blog And Collect Subscribers. Email Subscribers Whenever You Publish Something In Your Blog.
  10. Promote Your Facebook Page Through Email Marketing And In Turn, Also Get More Email Subscribers From Your Facebook Page.
  11. Promote Your Blog Via Adwords. Get Started With Very Low CPC Bids. Most New Adwords Accounts Get A Free Credit For Promotion. If You Don’t Get It, Call Adwords Support And They Will Give You Free Credits To Get You Started.
  12. Sign Up For Google Adsense And Deploy Advertising Codes In Your Blog.
  13. Convert Your Blog Into A Mobile Friendly Blog And Create Mobile Ads In Adwords.


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