The Complete Digital Marketing Checklist

Gone Are The Days When You Create A Marketing Campaign, Spend Thousands Of Rupees, And Hope That Someone Spots Your Billboard. Marketing Itself Have Come A Long Way And Right Now The Best Way To Go Is Digital Marketing. With The Freedom Given To Us By The Internet, Marketing Has Never Been Easier. You Can Set Your Campaign On One Website And Share With It With The Rest Of The World.
It’s Really Amazing?
However, Digital Marketing Should Not Be Taken Lightly Because It Requires The Same Amount Of Work. But You Do Get To Be More Creative Because There Is More Chances For Experiments.

Here Is The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist That We Think Is Going To Be Extremely Beneficial For Just About Any Kind Of Business Or Company.


Define Your Business, Find Your Target Audience, and Branding:

Finish the Define Your Business Worksheet
Choose your brand colors
Design a logo
Learn how to use, Photoshop, and/or alternatives


Sign up for a hosting / web-building platform
Buy your domain name
Design a basic website
Create landing pages for each of your products/services
Create a Start Here / About page

Email Marketing :

Sign up for an email marketing service
Create an irresistible lead magnet
Write a welcome email that delivers your lead magnet
Add opt-in forms throughout your website
Write welcome sequence for new subscribers (at least 5 emails)
Write a follow-up sequence for purchasers
Analyze open, click, and unsubscribe rates to improve

Blogging :

Write & post 4 articles that solve your key customer problems
Make a list of at least 10 more articles you could write
Add links within each article to your other articles/resources
Add opt-in forms within each article
Bonus: create specific lead magnets for each article
Make sure each article is keyword friendly

Youtube :

Start a YouTube channel for your brand
Design your channel (artwork, icon, description, links, etc.)
Add a channel trailer
Add your channel watermark/branding
Turn your 4 main articles into videos
Add links to your website/opt-in form to each video description
Add YouTube Cards and End Screens to each video
Make a list of at least 10 more videos you can make
Brainstorm a weekly series your audience would benefit from
Partner with 3 other YouTubers on videos
Reply to all comments within 24 hours

Video Marketing :

Make a video ad for each your product/service
Post this video on YouTube and Facebook
Add this video to your sales pages

Facebook Groups :

Create a Facebook Group for your target market
Add a nice group graphic
Add a group description with rules
Create a pinned welcome post
Invite your current followers to join the group
Schedule 1 weekly post for at least 3 months
Go live in your Facebook group weekly

Facebook Pages :

Create a Facebook Page for your brand
Design your page with an icon and cover image
Create individual posts for each of your articles
Add your YouTube videos to your Facebook page
Add your products to your Facebook Page
Boost a Facebook Page post

Twitter :

Create your Twitter account
Design your Twitter profile page
Pin your most important tweet
Add a Twitter button to your website
Add Twitter Widgets & Cards to your website
Run a Twitter ad

Instagram :

Create your Instagram account
Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts
Write your Instagram bio with a link to your website/content
Run an Instagram ad
Go live on Instagram weekly

Pinterest :

Create your Pinterest account
Set up your Pinterest profile
Create Pinterest boards for your website topics
Pin all of your articles and videos to your boards
Run a Pinterest Ad

LinkedIn :

Create your LinkedIn account
Set up your LinkedIn page
Connect with 10 other people in your industry
Create a company page
Post your articles and videos to your page

Podcasting :

Interview 10 experts in your field
Create podcast intros and outros
Edit 10 podcast
Sign up for podcast hosting
Upload your podcasts and schedule them
Launch your podcast with 5 live episodes
Submit your podcast to iTunes & Stitcher
Share your podcast on all your social media profiles
Plan to have a weekly show with interviews or other ideas
Send people from your podcast to your website/landing page

Quora :

Sign up for a Quora account
Set up your profile page
Answer 10 questions related to your products/services
Check Quora weekly and answer at least 3 questions/week

Facebook Ads :

Set up your payment account for Facebook ads
Decide what you want to promote with an ad
Define your target audience
Create the ad post
Boost the post
Analyze the results

Facebook Retargeting :

Create a Facebook Pixel
Install the pixel onto your website
Check to see the pixel is working
Create an audience in Facebook
Create an ad targeting your audience
Analyze the results

This is the ultimate checklist that we think every business company should follow when they want to start digital marketing!


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